Demonstration for Argentine EEZ

Here is a demonstration of how a saved workspace can be embedded into your website. You may play the timeline, place your mouse over the map to zoom in or out and move the location, drag the timeline to show different time periods and use the full functions of the map. In this demonstration, I have selected vessels flying specific country flags and colored each country differently for demonstration. This map shows Korean vessels in purple, Chinese vessels in yellow, Spanish vessels in orange, Argentine vessels in blue. I did this my using the tools panel on the right hand side in the live Global Fishing Watch map.

You would also probably like viewers to link to this workspace on the live map so that they can use the tools panel and really work in it in a full screen.┬áThat’s easy too. Here’s an example: Go to the Live Map!

To try this yourself, you can log on to the Global Fishing Watch Map. create vessel tracks, colorize them, whatever you want to do, and then go to the left hand side of the map. You will see the “+” and “-” symbols for zooming in and out, and you will also see an arrow. Click on that arrow and you will get a window that allows you to copy the link so you can share it in an email or wherever. OR you have an option to “embed” and that option will give you the code to paste into a website. Viola! Simple.

I hope this is helpful.